Our caring, compassionate staff will do everything we can to help you make arrangements that best meet your needs.

Just as there is no right or wrong way to grieve, the type of services that you need are individual to you. Our team will gently guide you through the options available and help you determine what will honor and memorialize your beloved pet in the way that feels best to you and your loved ones. We, too, have gone through the loss of a pet and believe the right services can make a big difference.

Our Services Include:


Cremation is a sacred experience and should be treated as such. We are honored to have a role in transitioning your pet through this journey, and adhere to a strict code of ethics and exemplary standards of operation with every pet cremation.

Tracking Services

With our proprietary tracking system, you will have the added peace of mind  of monitoring your pet aftercare services throughout the process. A Regency ID tag stays with your pet throughout our care, ensuring that your pet is identifiable throughout the entire process and returned to you. It is our intent and hope that this system provides you with the highest level of accountability and comfort possible.

Viewing and Visitation

Some of us wish to be close to our pet as we bid farewell. If you prefer to say goodbye to your cherished pet in a private setting with family and close friends, we have locations that offer Viewing and Visitation services. Our Viewing and Visitation provides a time for gathering together in ceremony to share a meaningful goodbye. Whether you prefer a quiet, reflective memorial or a joyful tribute, we will support and guide you through making arrangements that fit your needs.


The ways in which we can remember our pets are as diverse as our pets themselves. Many people find that having a memorial product, whether a necklace, windchime or urn, helps keep the spirit of their beloved pet close to them. We offer a collection of products that may capture a piece of your pet’s unique personality or reflect the life you shared.

Onsite Interment

Should you prefer to find a final resting place for your pet in a private, landscaped sanctuary, some of our locations provide the option of onsite burials. While the specifics of our specially designed cemeteries vary from location  to location, every burial ground offers the option of a dignified service and a beautiful setting.

Regency people are genuine, creative and proactive, and will always go the extra mile to solve an issue or make someone’s day. It’s the difference between a positive experience and an exceptional one.